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Downloadable How-To Documents for Enrolled Investors

Below are links to downloadable online documents to help you complete common tasks. These are especially helpful for the new investor or affiliate.

Adding Money to Your Trading Account (Funding Your Account) – pdf

How to add funds to your trading account either the first time OR if you would like to add additional funds to your trading account.

How to Redeposit Earnings into Your Trading Account – pdf

Step-by-step process for adding your earned interest from your e-wallet into your trading account.

OR watch the video:

How to Set Up Auto-Transfer of Interest Earned to Your Trading Account

Step-by-step process for allowing the system to automatically add your weekly interest earned to your trading balance (compounding). This feature can be toggled on/off at any time.

NOTE: Commissions and bonuses earned are not affected.

How To Withdraw funds From Your Account – pdf

Some things can be done in advance of your desire to withdraw. Please feel free to review and ask your sponsor if you have any questions. Note that the minimum for withdrawal is $45 due to transfer fees.

NOTE: You will need the Google 2-Factor Authenticator to withdraw- see below

Google 2-Factor Authentication Update!

NovaTech has recently added new top-level security features like Google 2-Factor Authentication. Currently, this is being used to make any changes to your E-Wallet crypto address as well as profile info. We highly encourage everyone to download the app and learn how to properly use this security feature. 

You will only have to use this once!!

Keep in mind: 2-Factor Authentication may seem like an extra step, but it is there to protect you and your funds.

Download the Google 2-Factor Authenticator

Online Password-Saving Programs

Are you password challenged or overwhelmed? RoboForm is one of our favorite online platforms for easily saving your passwords.


If you don’t think strong passwords are important, have a look at the table below.