Simple answers to questions that we hear often, especially when you are considering investing in Novatech.

You will also find answers to many questions on Novatech’s Support Site

Novatech is a registered company and is registered also under the name Smart Bit.

In addition to the images below, There is a pdf that includes everything HERE.

The simple answer is yes. Here are a few details:

  • When you first invest, you have 15 days in which you can fully withdraw if you decide Novatech is not for you.
  • From day 16 through day 90, you will pay a penalty of 15% if you decide to withdraw your initial investment.
  • After 90 days, you can withdraw anytime you like.

A couple of tips when it comes to withdrawal:

  • It is easier to withdraw funds that have not been reinvested yet (from your e-wallet). These funds can be transferred to your wallet within a few hours
  • It may take a few days to liquidate funds in your trading account, so transfer of these funds may take a bit longer.

There are two reasons why you have to chose to reinvest your earnings each Friday.

  • In some jurisdictions, it is required that you make that choice. They can not automatically reinvest earnings.
  • Once earnings have been added to the trading account, they will have to be liquidated in order to withdraw, which takes a little more time. By placing earnings into your e-wallet, you have an option to leave the funds in the e-wallet for easier withdrawal later, or reinvesting.

You do not have to panic if, for any reason, you are unable to reinvest your earnings on Friday. You can still do it whenever you have time.

Keep in mind that you only earn interest on that money (compounding) once it has been transferred to the trading account for investment by Novatech’s traders.

NOTE: There is no reason that you can’t keep the money in your e-wallet if you will be planning to withdraw those funds in the near future.

Example: You have a larger account, and earn $600 interest this week. You know you will be moving soon, and would like to withdraw that money in a few weeks. You opt to leave it in the e-wallet. You do that for a few weeks. Then you may opt to make a large withdrawal of $2,000 all at once. Once you initiate the transfer, it takes a few hours to complete. You will not have to liquidate your trading balance, which could take much longer to complete.

Yes. There is a $25 monthly fee.

You pay nothing up front, other than your investment. Your first $25 is taken from your trading account (investment funds) at the end of your first month, and each month thereafter.

For example, if you enroll on March 18th, your first fee will be on April 18th, and the 18th of each month thereafter.

This fee helps pay for many products and services offered by NovaTech including the latest MetaTrader5 platform, live traders, expert advisor software, automatic account upgrades and maintenance.

Want to eliminate fees?

Maintain a trading balance of $25,000 or greater to eliminate monthly service fees.

Read more at Novatech Support

The following States within the United States are restricted from registering accounts with NovaTech:

South Carolina

In Canada:

British Columbia

Other Places:

Saint Marten

There can be many reasons for this rule, not the least of which usually involves laws and restrictions within those areas.

No. Only one account is allowed. NovaTech allows members to register either one personal account – OR – one business account.

As of July 6, 2021, users can no longer register both a personal and business account.

You can open accounts for other family members under that person’s name and identification number (SSN).

Read more in NovaTech Support

When you request a withdrawal (cash out) you may have questions. Please read and/or download the pdf which covers most common questions.