Setting Up Your Custom Lead Page and Sales Pages

A lead page, aka splash page, is used as an online vehicle to collect information from anyone who might be interested in your opportunity. By collecting their email and phone number, you can connect with the person to offer additional information.


  • Option 1: I have provided everything you need to know to set up your lead page, email list, sales pages, etc yourself. Full instructions are below on this page.
  • Option 2: I can set up your all of your pages for a nominal fee of $25. After remitting payment, you will need to register for a Leads Leap account and provide me with your login details. information for the signature for your autoresponder emails, and the physical address to be used (as required by the CAN-SPAM Act) (see instructions below to help understand). Email


Getting Started

You will be using Leads Leap as a platform for your lead capture page (aka splash page), contact list and email autoresponder series. I have also created your own sales page, which will be referenced in your emails to give your interested referrals more information.

I have provided beyond-complete instructions below to:

  • Set up your list – where your contact information will be stored
  • Set up your very own lead capture page.
  • Set up an initial email autoresponder series (Pro Version Only).
  • Set up TWO Additional Pages – Your own personal sales page AND affiliate information page that will be used in your emails (these are linked together to give referrals additional information)

So, let’s get started!

1. Set up your account at Leads Leap. Leads Leap is a site providing online tools for marketers. It is free to register BUT you will need the pro version if you want to use the email series that I have created. You can remain free if you simply want to create the list and the landing page and manually follow up with signups.

Setting Up List Manager

First, create the list in which prospective leads will be saved.

2. Look on the left side of the back area for the menu. In the section “Tools”, click on “List Manager”

3. Click on “Add a new list”

4. Give your list a name – call your list “Novatech Interest” and click “Add Now”

5. Click on “Activate this list”

6. List Customization:

  • Redirect URL After Verification: enter “” so that they will already be at the site where they can get more information. Their first email will let them know your contact information.
  • Complete Your name, email, and physical address, as is required by the U.S. CAN-SPAM act, as well as most other country’s regulations.
  • Click the button for email verification; obtain the code and enter it in the box.
  • Skip the email signature, unless you are familiar with it.
  • Check the agreement box
  • Click “Save & Activate”

Setting Up Your Lead Page

A lead page (aka landing page or splash page) is simply the page users will go to to enter their contact information if they are interested. It is also referred to as a splash page, lead page, and a few other things.

I have created this page for you!!! You will only have to change a few things and it will be yours.

Here we go…

1. Look on the left side of the back area for the menu. In the section “Tools > Page Builder”, click on “Page Manager”

2. Click on “Add a new campaign”

3. Give your page a name – call your page “Novatech Splash Page” and click “Add Now”


  • To the right of the campaign name, click on the “+ ”
  • In the pop-up box, enter this share code: xvGwZWGMU and click “Import Now” (enter the code exactly as written)

You will note that a page has been created under the campaign.


  • To the far right of the PageID, click on “Launch Editor”. This will open the page so that you can edit it.
  • Scroll down until you see “Marsha Pearson” and my information. Click anywhere on that information.
  • THE EDIT BOX IS ON THE RIGHT. Use the edit box to put in your information. (OR you have the option of deleting it and not having your information on the page.)
  • Click the green “Save” button on the upper right.


  • On the left, look for “2. List” and click on it.
  • click on “Get List Id”
  • Click on the name of the list you created to select it
  • In the space for “Redirect URL” put the address for Novatech Essentials (OR the page where you will want someone to go once they fill out the form)
  • Click “Save” in the upper right again.

Your page set-up is complete!!!

Alternate Pages

Please feel free to set up any or all of the pages.

You will set up any of the other pages using the same method as setting up the page above. Be sure to copy and paste the share code so that it is exactly as written.

Alternate Lead Pages

Lead Page #2 Share code: hGwwkRVGU

Prepare Lead Page #2 like the one above. You may have a preference for one or the other – this simply gives you options.

Sales Pages

In both pages listed below you will insert your name, email and phone as you did on the above page.

Sales Page #1 Share Code: zWVfWZmwU

Sales Page for Affiliates: zwkmWWZkU

You will connect the affiliate page to Sales Page #1:

  • Open Sales Page #1 and scroll down to “OPTIONAL REFERRAL PROGRAM”. Click on the “Learn More Here” button
  • On the right, click on “Get Page” and select the affiliate page from the list.
  • Save the page in the upper right corner.

Setting Up Your Email Series: Pro Feature

The Email Series is a pro feature with Leads Leap. If you would like to use the email series that I have created, consider upgrading to pro.

Otherwise known as an autoresponder series, this is a series of emails that you can send to your prospects that answers some of their questions in advance. The series that I have created is designed to answer questions that prospective investors/members might have.

You will only have to change a few things and it will be yours.

Here we go…

1. Look on the left side of the back area for the menu. In the section “Email Marketing”, click on “Email Series”

2. You will see that the series has already been created as a section when you created the list in list manager. It will have the same name as your list.

3. Click on “Import” – you will be importing the emails that I have already created.


  • In the pop-up box, enter this share code: fwNGkDVGu and click “Import Now” (enter the code exactly as written)

You will note that several emails have been inserted into the campaign.


For each email click on the “edit” symbol.

6. In the footer of EACH email, change my information to yours and “SAVE”.

And You Are DONE!!!

The only thing I recommend as a last step is to test it by sending a test to yourself, or another email address you might use.