NEW! Magnetic Lead and Sales System!

A Done-for-You Lead System Designed Specifically for Novatech Affiliates
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This video shares a quick 3-minute overview of the affiliate program highlights. Please discuss details further with your sponsor if you are interested in becoming an affiliate.

REMINDER: The affiliate program is optional. No one has to share this program with others in order to earn.

Splash Page (aka Lead Page)

I have prepared an easy-to-setup lead capture page using Leads Leap. Afraid to get started? Click the link and have a look. I can also set everything up for you for a nominal charge.

Novatech Revenue Predictor

If you would like to be able to withdraw a monthly amount from your Novatech account, this is a simple calculator to help you.

NOTE: This spreadsheet is for illustration purposes and does not indicate or promise in any way that this would be your actual results.

Shareable Investing Ideas and Strategies

Please keep in mind that there is always risk involved when investing. These are simply ideas presented by others that may be of interest.

Click on the image for a full view.

This video introduces a perhaps controversial way to invest with other people’s money.

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Email Swipes

A few possible email ideas if you can’t decide what to say. Please also look at some of the wording on the printable items below for email content ideas.

Remember to always include a link to so they can learn more along with your contact information.

Printable Materials

*** Please email if you would like your personal information set-up for you. ***

Full page flyer #1 for interested investors
Just add your email address at the bottom

Full page flyer #2 – word document
Just add your personal information at the bottom

Standard 4″x6″ Postcard layout for investors or affiliate marketers

DIY Business card layout – compatible with Avery 5376

Online Password-Saving Programs

Are you password challenged or overwhelmed? RoboForm is one of our favorite online platforms for easily saving your passwords.


If you don’t think strong passwords are important, have a look at the table below.